The Wish To Learn Trustees share a unified goal and vision: Nurture, Educate and Enable a child to live a fulfilling life.


Preet Kalsi

Preet Kalsi is a Mama of two daughters, wife to a globe-trotting husband, and works as an NLP life coach. In her coaching practice, Preet not only works closely with adults but also children as young as 10 years old. Preet was born in India, and having lived there for some time she has seen the struggles that underprivileged children face first hand. Preet has sponsored children through Plan International in developing countries since she gave birth to her first daughter, nearly 20 years ago. After a volunteering trip with her older daughter to India in 2015, Preet decided to set up the foundation Wish To Learn in order to directly help the children she had met and spent time with during her trip. Preet believes that every child has a right to education and living respectfully with all their basic needs fulfilled. Wish to Learn is a starting point to fulfilling a dream that Preet has held close to her heart for the past 25 years – opening her own school In India to help underprivileged children.

Randhir Kalsi

Randhir Kalsi has worked at various IT corporates and is currently at Salesforce, a company that is very much focused on giving back through charity work. In both his career and personal life, he has travelled to nearly all parts of the world, as well as having lived in the US, Middle East and India. Through this, Randhir has developed a very open mind as well as cultural understandings of different societies and nations. Like his wife, Randhir completed his NLP Master Practioner certification, and uses his training in both his personal and work life to further his rapport with others. He is an incredibly giving and kind individual, and wishes to give back to society. Randhir is excited to be a part of Wish To Learn, and looks forward to helping the children supported by the foundation.


Nanika made a 3-week trip to India during her 2015 summer and volunteered at two of the children’s charities (link to charities page) that her mother supported. During her volunteering, Nanika realized the enormous potential and responsibility to support educate some of the underprivileged children she met who were energetic, enthusiastic and had an intense desire to learn. And that’s when Wish To Learn Mission was born! Nanika is currently studying Law and Politics at Queen Mary University in London, UK. She aspires to work for the United Nations so that she can support the underprivileged children in the world.

Narinder Sahota

Narinder is a father of four boys and has been working as a consultant in the IT industry for over two decades. In the 60’s Narinder’s father, taking advantage of his education, made the bold decision to leave India and grasp the opportunity to create a new life in the UK. When Narinder considers the opportunities that one decision opened up and created for him and his children, he feels privileged and grateful for the chance to support the education of disadvantaged children. Wish to Learn is a fantastic way for him and our sponsors to not just improve the lives of these amazing children but also change the lives of their descendants.